Download the Guide

There are two versions of the guide available for download here in PDF form. The "online" version has a smaller file size of just under 3 MB and the "print" version is just under 11 MB. The two versions differ only in the resolution of the photographs included.

PDFs of Notices and Handouts

We recommend you laminate the Legal Protocols, Disclaimer, Testing Procedure and Clean-up Procedure sheets for use in the field to protect them from handling and spills.

For use at a testing station it can be handy to print the Disclaimer and the Legal Protocols on a single sheet, or laminate them together back-to-back, so that the tester can flip it over as needed. We'd recommend keeping the Testing Procedure sheet separate and always visible at a testing station.

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About the Authors

Chloe Sage has been with ANKORS for twelve years and coordinates their Hepatitis C Project. She has been part of ANKORS’ harm reduction and drug checking team at the Shambhala Music Festival since 2004 and coordinated it for the last 6 years.

Warren Michelow has been involved in harm reduction outreach and drug checking at raves and music festivals since 2001. With MindBodyLove, he helped bring safe spaces for those experiencing difficult experiences with substance use to festivals and parties around British Columbia.

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